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Nocte Flamma

Season Spring
Founded 1222 AD
Magi 4
Aura Magical

The Flame of Night covenant was recently formed by the two Flambeau magi Lucius and Lucretia. It is located near Louth in the East of England, and consists of a small stone manor house that was previously deserted.

In the winter of 1223 the covenant was found to be deserted. It is now believed that the magi were murdered, possibly by demons.

In 1231, it was taken over by Flambeau magi from Lombard in Hibernia.


Ailbe ex Flambeau

Ailbe is the head of the covenant, and is in his 60s. He is a typical Flambeau, being specialised in fire.

Fianna ex Flambeau

Fianna is a maga in her 50s. She is specialised in fire and destruction.

Dubh ex Flambeau

Dubh is a maga in her late 30s. Like the elder magi them, she is a lover of wild nature, and of course fire.

Quinn ex Flambeau

Quinn is of a similar age to Dubh, and is a more subtle and thoughtful magus. He specialises in magic which causes destruction over time, either aging or weakening things so they collapse or die long after he has left the scene.

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