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Located deep within Sherwood Forest, Lychira has been a meeting place for witches for as long as anyone can remember. All members of Lychira are female Hermetic witches. They behave as if they were a house within a house, for there are eight further members of their group to be found across Britain and Europe. Lychira though is considered to be the centre of their influence.

The symbol of the house is five rings joined in a pentagram. The covenant is a Summer covenant and resides in a +5 magical aura.


Gytha ex Miscellanea

Aelfrin is an old, short, fat woman with thin grey hair. She is gregarious to the extreme, and talks about anything to anyone - nothing is too embarrassing or personal for her to start asking questions about in public. She is an elementalist.

Adela ex Miscellanea

A slight, pretty woman gauntleted in 1193. She is quiet but attentive, and often enjoys lone walks in Sherwood Forest, shunning mundanes wherever possible.

Lucille ex Miscellanea

Around forty years old, Lucille is one of the more politically active of the magi here. She has many travel spells at her disposal, and spends a lot of time scouting out various parts of the Tribunal.

Onora ex Miscellanea

A twin of Lucille, they were brought up and taught magic together, though Onora is far more interested in wilderness magics. Like Adela, she shuns mundanes, finding them distasteful and boring.

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