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Status Spring
Founded 1210
Aura Magical
Magi 6

Libellus Covenant is located in Devon in Stonehenge. It was founded in 1210 by Stephen Eruditus of Jerbiton. It consists of a collection of small buildings (some stone) surrounded by a stone wall.


Stephen Eruditus ex Jerbiton

Stephen is an elderly magus. He founded the covenant because he wanted his final years to be surrounded by young, dynamic magi rather than in his stuffy covenant in Normandy.

He spends much of his time investigating defensive magics, including wards against physical and supernatural dangers.

Fabricor ex Verditius

A specialist in Terram and Vim, Fabricor is an excellent mundane craftsman as well as magical artificer. Other than Stephen, he is the eldest magus here. He has made a number of weapons enhanced with destructive magics, mostly PeCo or PeAn.

Gregorius ex Bonisagus

Gregorius is a student of magical theory, and specialises in Mentem and Creo. He is something of a practical joker, and has got into trouble a few times for meddling with mundanes. He is in his late twenties.

Jonaquil ex Merinita

An illusionist, and like Gregorius, something of a practical joker. The two arrived at the covenant together from Hibernia, and have something of a relationship. She is a great storyteller and singer.

Justin ex Tremere

Justin arrived at Libellus in 1219 without any possessions except for his sigil, and refused to say where he was from. Since then, he has proven himself to the covenant and is now a trusted sodalis. He is now about 30. He is experienced in Rego, Perdo, Corpus and Vim.

Lucidia ex Flambeau

A young, passionate fire maga in her late twenties. In the Autumn of 1223 she had a daughter by Justin ex Tremere. The girl is believed to be Gifted.

Redcap Praela ex Mercere

Recently arrived from Circulus Ruber in Hibernia. An ungifted Redcap, she carries most of the messages which need to go out of the Tribunal. In her forties, she relies on magical devices to protect her, and change her appearance to make travel in mundane society easier.

Matthew ex Tremere

Recently arrived from Circulus Ruber in Hibernia. A thirty-something magus who specialises in mentem magics, he often argues with the elder magi for a greater say in decisions for the younger magi. A politician at heart, he enjoys being in the midst of things, and stiring up trouble.

Quaesitor Ganymede ex Guernicus

He arrived here from Vigil covenant in Hibernia. A young Quaesitor, he is in his late thirties and becoming specialised in magic to fight the Infernal.

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