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Independent Magi

A large number of the magi in the Stonehenge Tribunal are independent, belonging to no covenant. Sometimes, they band together for short periods of time, but generally only for as long as a shared goal will last. They live on the edge of the Code, since interference with mundanes is almost impossible to avoid, given such a lifestyle.


Amanda ex Miscellanea

The maga Amanda has a religious background, and often takes the cover of an itinerant nun. She is a Donatores Requietis Aeternae.

Augustine ex Miscellanea

An old man who poses as a travelling herbalist. He lives in Norfolk.

Constantine ex Miscellanea

A nature magus living in the countryside north of London. He has had several arguments with Schola Pythagoranis over vis rights.

Eleanor ex Merinita

In her seventies, she lives in Cornwall. She plays the role of a rich widow, in a country estate surrounded by loyal servants. She has the gentle gift, and few suspect her of being anything other than ordinary, though she is famed for her great beauty (she looks like she is in her thirties), and people do talk of strange goings on near the fringes of her estate.

Fay ex Miscellanea

A charming young woman who spends much of her time travelling. She has a small amount of rego, corpus and mentem ability, just enough to give her enough of an edge against mundanes who bother her. She is an opportunistic thief, murderer and whore, depending on which takes her fancy at the time.

Galvius ex Miscellanea

The filius of Merlin, he seeks power over those around him.

Martin ex Miscellanea

Very much a generalist, he is a filius of Augustine.

Meles ex Bjornaer

His heart beast is a blackbird.

Merlin ex Miscellanea

Merlin took his name in order to impress the mundanes he deals with. He is an illusionist, and uses his skills to entertain and fool people for money and other services. He appears as a thin, wiry man in his early forties. He rarely stays in one place for long but generally returns to his original home near the Welsh border.

Michael ex Miscellanea

Michael lives in Leeds, where he keeps to himself.

Offa ex Criamon

A middle aged magus who lives as a hermit in Kent. He is a short, thin man who is already balding. He has an excellent knowledge of philosophy and theology, and combines these with his grasp of hermetic wisdom to try and understand the universe. He has little interest in the outside world, believing that he can reach understanding by thought alone.

Richard of Guildford ex Miscellanea

A perdo specialist who wanders between Winchester and Guildford. He is in his 40s, and is a dark haired man who often wears drab clothes.

Silis ex Miscellanea

Silis is one of the more poweful magi of the Tribunal. She is an elementalist, specialising in ignem and auram. She currently lives near York.

Swan ex Bjornaer

A young woman who lives in the Lake District. Her magics are mostly to do with the air and weather, and rather unsurprisingly, her heartbeast is that of a swan. As a human, she is quite unattractive, but her heart beast form is incredibly beautiful.

Wayland ex Verditius

Wayland is a mage of limited power, but an expert craftsman. He is a travelling blacksmith who does work for mundanes and nobles.


Loria ex Miscellanea

A hot tempered fire maga who has caused some problems in Wales fighting against the English. She was slain in the Summer of 1221 by Umbriel of Cruentis Petram. Loria had been plotting with a rebel Baron to assassinate King Henry, but she was stopped by the magi of Cruentis Petram.

Matilda ex Miscellanea

An old wise woman specialised in Corpus. She lives up in the Yorkshire Dales. She is a Hermetic Witch, and is allied with the maga of Lychira. She was slain by villagers who accused her of witchcraft.

Wulfson ex Bjornaer

Rather predictably, his heart beast is that of a wolf. Wulfson is a Muto, Corpus and Animal specialist. Around sixty years old, he is quite a powerful magus. His main passion is hunting mundanes whilst in wolf form, and because of this, no-one has guessed that the killer is anything other than a very large and crafty wild animal. He was marched for interference with mundanes in 1222.

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