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Scratching Hill

Scratching Hill is a small village about 5 miles south of the covenant of Cruentis Petram. It has a population of about 75, and includes the Church of St Michael, a mill and a blacksmith. It is the largest settlement for several miles in any direction. The Church is a place of worship for a number of families living in small holdings within a few miles of the village.

The bulk of the village lands is taken up by fields, two thirds of which are in use at any one time. Each peasant has about 15 acres of land with which to feed himself and his family, giving a total of about 225 acres of fields.

The village is part of the manor of Kettlewell, to the east.

The entire village has a dominion aura of +1.

Church of St Michael

There is a small stone church here, with an associated graveyard. The Church has a Dominion aura of +4, and the graveyard is +2. The parish priest is Father Paul. He is 35, and relatively laid back. He considers himself very devote where it matters, but doesn't believe that a lot of the Church doctrine necessarily matters.

He has a mistress, named Emily, who is 24. They have a son, David who is 3 and she is pregnant with a second child. She helps out with cleaning the Church, and both live in a small cottage at the bottom of the hill.

Father Paul

Characteristics: Int +2; Com +2; Pre +1; Dex -1

Abilities: Latin (Bible) 5; English (sermons) 5; England Lore (abbeys) 3; Awareness 2; Charm (congregation) 4; Folk ken (confession) 4; Church Lore (people) 5; Civil and Canon Lore (England) 3; Artes Liberales (Rhetoric) 3; Philosophiae (religious) 2; Theology (prophecies ) 4; Common lore (church) 3; Teaching (children) 2; Bargain (markets) 1; Etiquette (church) 2; Leadership (congregation) 2

The Reeve

The Reeve of the village is Wulfred One Thumb, who came back from fighting with King Richard on the Third Crusade missing his right thumb. He is in his 50s, grey haired and not as athletic as he once was. His wife, Ingrid, is in her 40s and has given him 4 living children (3 boys and a girl). They met in the Holy Land, when he was crusading and she was on a pilgrimage. She is from Norway, but now speaks good English, albeit with an accent.

The Blacksmith

The blacksmith is Anthony Smith (there is also Little Anthony and Anthony Shepherd in the village). He is 43, heavily built with very dark hair and a short beard. His second wife, Mary, is 26 and they married 2 years ago and have a 1 year old daughter. He has two daughters from his previous marriage, 14 and 17.

Anthony Smith

Characteristics: Int -1; Per -1; Str +3; Sta +3; Pre +1; Com -1; Dex +2; Qik -1

Virtues: Large

Abilities: English (rural) 5; England lore (mines) 2; Craft: Smith (tools) 6; Athletics (running) 5; Swim (underwater) 2; Charm (flirting) 3; Folk ken (customers) 2; Bargain (smithing) 3; Single weapon (axe) 4; Great weapon (morning star) 4;

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