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Covenant Resources

Current Stocks

Winter, 1230

Creo 9 Animal 30 Ignem 19
Intellego - Aquam 14 Imagonem 6
Muto - Auram 16 Mentem 36
Perdo 5 Corpus 4 Terram 43
Rego 30 Herbam - Vim 20

Vis Sources


1 pawn of Terram vis per season from rocks in the covenant.

Fire Elemental

2 Ignem / year, collected at Summer Solstice from Semerwater.

Goblin Merlin

1 Creo / season.

Four Seasons

Roots of tree produce 1-5 pawns of Creo vis each spring. If the vis is left alone, mutates into a different form of vis each season. It decays by the beginning of spring the following year.

  • Spring: Creo
  • Summer: Herbam
  • Autumn: Vim
  • Winter: Perdo

The Quiet Pool

A small underground pool of water. A blind nixie who is afraid of loud noise lives here. She will pay a couple of pawns of Aquam (she crafts clear crystals) a year for peace and quiet.

The Whistling Caves

An air elemental inhabits these caves in Autumn and Winter. There are strange crystal formations, each worth a pawn of Auram vis. There are 7 here, and 1 extra is formed each season the elemental inhabits the cave.

Spider's Nest

There is a giant spider here (size +3), plus a couple of medium spiders (size +1). Creatures caught in their webs and consumed may leave behind vis - either Animal or Corpus. Normally 1-2 pawns for animals, or 3 pawns for an adult human.

There is generally a pawn of Animal vis generated a season, if anyone is willing to go into the cave and harvest it.

The Snake God

A magical snake lives beneath some trees on a hill. It can summon smaller animals to it for food, their remains sometimes leaving behind Rego vis. There is a 50% chance of a pawn of vis being generated each season.

Cave of the Moon

When moonlight calls into this cave and hits the smooth floor, vim vis is generated. Each pawn is about a thimbleful of silvery liquid, with a weight of -5g (negative, so it actually falls upwards). About 1 pawn is generated each season, but the ceiling can only hold 14 pawns before the liquid leaks out and falls skywards.

Hermetic Research

The Stone Giant

A magical stone face half buried in a hill. Seems to be of magnitude 12, and has a +6 aura around it. No regio detected.

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