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Burnham Covenant

Status Summer
Founded 1110
Magi 5
Aura Magical
Symbol Keep on river

Burnham is a reclusive covenant in the north east of England. It is based on a stone motte and bailey castle, which the original magi obtained rights from King Stephen for. They have managed to hold onto these rights for over a hundred years.

The magi here do not welcome visitors, and except for Redcaps other members of the Order are always turned away.


Aindread Ex Miscellanea

Little is known about Aindread. He has hardly left the covenant as far as anyone knows, and his interests and skills are also unknown. He is a mature magus, probably in his 70s.

Caitlin Ex Miscellanea

Caitlin is Aindread's filia, and represents the covenant at Tribunals. She says little though, and stays neutral in most matters unless they directly affect Burnham. She is quite beautiful, heavily freckled with one brown and one blue eye. Her speciality is thought to be Mentem.

Focus of Flambeau

Focus is Scintilla's filius. His specialisation seems to be in Perdo Corpus and Mentem, information only gained due to a Certamen with Julia of Voluntas over vis rights some years ago.

Scintilla of Flambeau

She is a powerful fire maga, who is believed to have come from the Novgorod Tribunal. She arrived at Burnham in 1199 with her (then) apprentice Focus. Little else is known about her.

Sachiko of Merinita

Nobody outside of the covenant has seen Sachiko. It is thought that Sachiko is female, though this isn't known for sure. Her sigil was used to vote in the Tribunal in 1201 which is the only reason anyone knows she exists.


A Quaesitor, Trutina, joined Burnham in 1195 and attended Tribunals whilst she was there. She was last seen by Redcaps in 1215, and is believed to have left or gone missing, though there is no official word from the covenant as to her whereabouts.

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