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Season Summer
Founded 1201
Magi 6
Aura Magic

This is a Tytalus covenant in a secluded valley in the Arree Mountains of Brittany. It is populated with magi from Fudarus, and is a vassal of that covenant.


Adanos Lutorum ex Tytalus

In his 60s, he works with Kybella to ensure the covenant is well run.

Kybella ex Tytalus

A leading member of the Titanoi, she is in her 70s.

Krios ex Tytalus

Magus, in his 60s.

Mnemosyne ex Tytalus

Maga, in her 80s, known for her cruelty.

Okeanos ex Tytalus

Magus, in his 70s. He has had several bad Twilight experiences.

Iasper ex Tytalus

Filius of Adanos, he is the youngest member of the covenant, having passed his gauntlet in 1216.

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