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Running a Pathfinder campaign in a city means that the majority of people that player characters meet and interact with actually have NPC class levels. Even people they've had to fight have generally been Commoners or Experts. Some may have a PC level (such as an Expert/Rogue), but the NPC classes are useful for fleshing out the city.

I have a number of character templates set up in Roll20 which I can use as a basis for new characters. The latest batch are actually Aristocrats - members of the wealthy elite of the city. Are few of them are listed below.

Rather than just listing these templates as Aristocrat 2, or Aristocrat 3, as I've done previously for the Commoners and Experts, I've decided to use the sort of naming scheme used in the Pathfinder Codex books - i.e. an adjective/noun descriptor, together with a bit of character background.

Since I use the Bio field in Roll20 for the physical description which players can see, I've updated my API scripts to output the GM Notes field of the character to the information block I can call up with a press of a macro. This reminds me of this character type's personality.

A second tweak outputs information from the token's GM Notes field, so if I want to add information to the particular instance I can do that.

Coupled with my random name generator, and random hitpoint setter, I can produce some noble NPCs with unique names relatively quickly during the game, or when writing an adventure. Given that I assume NPCs 'level up' more or less with age, most are in the range of levels 1-5.

So far I have 10 done (5 male, 5 female), and have another 10 portraits and tokens lined up waiting to be completed. I then might go back and rename some of my previous templates, though I'm quite happy with rogues and fighters which are actually named after the appropriate level titles from AD&D 1st edition.

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