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Sa'Vasku bio-ships I've finished painting my small number of Sa'Vasku bio-ships for Full Thrust. The Sa'Vasku are one of the original two alien races in the Tuffleyverse, and have the advantage of being able to reconfigure themselves during a battle. They were somewhat inspired by the Shadows from Babylon 5, and my first painting of Sa'Vasku went down the 'all black' route. This time though I've decided that a more colourful look would be better, along the lines of some cephalopods.

I don't intend to get a lot of Sa'Vasku. My thoughts are to limit them to just the bigger ships (shown here are a couple of Battlecruisers and a Superdreadnaught) as well as drone fighters.

Vas'Kaan'Rosh Superdreadnaught Shyy'Tha'Var Battlecruiser Sa'Vasku ships and drone fighters

I also don't see the Sa'Vasku as being necessarily bad guys (unlike the Kra'Vak), but they are fiercely protective of their territory, especially in systems where they are 'birthing' new ships. Sa'Vasku will often be unwilling to fight to the death as well except in a few circumstances.

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