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Old Maps of Habisfern

Back in the days before I had a means to serve dynamic web pages to an unsuspecting world, I had a complex set of scripts which built a static web site from source files. One of the features of these scripts was that they could generate maps for some of my fantasy campaign encyclopedias.

When the site was moved to Alfresco, this ability was lost. The process consisted of various XSLT plugins that generated a graphical map from XML files, cropping and scaling as required and producing both thumbnails and full sized maps. Rather than attempting a quick and dirty fix to replicate the old static maps, I decided to drop support for now and wait until I'd re-written the mapping software to produce fully dynamic maps in the style of Google Maps.

That was six months ago, and the number of lines of code written for the new mapping software has been exactly zero.

Which means that my fantasy encyclopaedia has been without any maps for too long. Rather than start a flurry of activity to finish the software (I was surprised to see that it's further along than I'd remembered), I've pulled some of the old static maps out of retirement and added them to the encyclopedia. They're not complete, but it's a start, and helps to show a bit about what the world looks like.

The image of a globe above was actually generated by the original version of the software and exported to Celestia. It was what gave me the original idea for my Traveller mapping project, which is another thing that is taking too long to complete.

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